General Department

 The general department was established on February 23, 2017 by the decision of the scientific council at the expense of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS.
 The whole department includes Archives and Warehouse.

• Organization and improvement of clerical work, electronic document handling, archive work at the Institute

• Organization of accounting control process of document handling

• Controlling the handling and deadline of documents

• Providing clerical work and secrecy regime in the department

• To assign of the accurate and incessant clerical work of the Institute

• To get acquainted with the documents delivered to the Institute, to check the quality of all the documents that will be submitted to the management for approval

• To submit the documents addressed to the Institution for a timely review, to ensure that the documents are handed over by the relevant executive units, to monitor the relevant records in the registration and control panel, and to send the externally documented documents

• To carry out archival documents, to develop documents for structural subdivisions of the Institute, to protect them, to hand them over to the state archives, and to issue references for archival documents

Head of the department - Mammadova Saida Raphael gizi

Treasurer- Novruzova Sevda Arif gizi

Computer operator - Alasgarova Tarana Yusif gizi