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Dissertation work defense of the employee of the Applied Zoology Center

The defense of the dissertation on the topic "Primary crayfish (composition, distribution, quantity) of Absheron peninsula lakes" was held by Konul Tapdigova, scientific researcher of the Applied Zoology Center of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS.

The scientific research work was carried out in the Hydrobiology Laboratory of the Aquatic Department of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS in 2011-2015, a scientific leader of the applicant was the head of the Hydrobiology Laboratory, Ph.D. on Biology Adil Aliyev. The leading organization on the work is Azerbaijan Scientific Research Institute of Fisheries.

At the meeting of the Dissertation Council, Konul Tapdigova's research work was considered important both from the point of view of the fauna and the economy, after the presentation of the urgency of the dissertation work, the study level of the problem, the goals and objectives of the research, the main scientific innovations, the content of the research, results and suggestions.

It was noted at the meeting that the Absheron Peninsula was used for the occurrence of primitive crustaceans and saline lakes, their quantity, ecological characteristics, fertility, fertility and other information on these lakes. These data can play a special role in the preparation of measures aimed at organizing massive cultivation, biomass use, and predictions of primary crustaceans as a natural live feed.

Speaking about the work, members of the Council noted that the subject is topical and that the case meets the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission, by considering the remarks and suggestions the Doctor of Science on Biology, Professor Janbakhish Najafov, Doctor of Science on Biology, Professor Zakariya Mammadov, Head of the Parasitology Laboratory of the Institute Gara Fataliyev.