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Czech scholars discuss prospects of cooperation at ANAS High-Tech Park

Delegation led by Stanislav Pospishil, director of the Czech Experimental and Applied Physics Institute, visited the High Technologies Park of ANAS (HTP).

The director of the HTP, PhD in agricultural sciences Vugar Babayev informed the guests about the work done in the field of high technology and innovation in our country. He said that high tech economy is one of the main directions of the country's policy.

Professor S.Pospishil in his speech spoke about the existing relations with ANAS and noted the necessity of establishing cooperation with the High Technology Park.

Later, the officer of the NTP of ANAS made a presentation reflecting the activity of the technopark.

The visitors were informed about the conditions created here and the activity of potential residents.

The delegation also got acquainted with the centralized analytical laboratory of HTP of ANAS, the production areas of the unmanned aerial vehicles produced by the Science and Technology Park and the radio-ecological monitoring system.