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Amultiplication technology of medical leech is developed in laboratory conditionsfirstlyat the Applied Zoology Center in the Republic

The leeches are from the invertebrate animal group and constitute a separate class of Spinal Worm (Annelida) - Leeches (Hirudinea). Most of them are ectoparasites. All the representatives of the vertebrate animals (fish, reptiles, mammals, birds, and mammals) are fed by sucking a blood.

There are around 500 species worldwide (400 sources in some sources) and 15 species in water capacity in the Republic. The species belonging to the Hirudo genus is widely used in medicine. The medical leech with the cast body is southern origined. It is found in the water basins in the Caucasus, Central Asia, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Moldova. Their sizes are mostly 2.5 cm. The smallest is 1 cm long but the largest is 30 cm long.

Our republic has favorable conditions for the development of medical leech in medical condition. So that, leech is met in some water basins of Azerbaijan – as well as in Davachi port, Lower Gizilaghaj bay, water basins of Lankaran medical province, likes aroung Kur river, water basins of Nakhchivan AR and Ganja-Gazakh zone.

The color of the medicine leech is very variable. The main color of the waist consists of various shades of brown and olive (brown, olive black, olive green, etc.).

These leeches reach puberty in their third year of their livesin the natural environment. They are Hermofroits. The fermentation is interconnected. During climbing, the leeches go straight to the source of the water. The leeches kept with special careat +18 and + 22oC in the winter, at +24 and + 27oC in the summer, are able to produce seeds at different times of the year and they can produce cocoon every 6-8 months. The leeches give always 3 to 8, often 4-5cocoons. There are 15 to 20 (8 to 15 in most cases) embryosIn every stroke.

A research is held at the Institute of Zoology of ANAS on artificial reproduction of medicine leech in laboratory conditionssince 2016. For the first time at the Laboratory of Applied Zoology, the technology of duplication of these hairs is being developed in the Republic.A multiplication technology of medical leech is developed in laboratory conditions firstly at the Applied Zoology Center in the Republic.