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A new project will be held for the Southern Caucasian countries

Senior scientist of Hydrobiology laboratory of Zoology Institute of ANAS Saleh Aliyev has participated at the international forum on subject of “Ecology and religion” held on August 3-7 in city Ujgorod of Ukraine. The purpose of forum held by initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany is the development of “Ecology and religious” for Slavic  and the Southern Caucasian Republics and, this project will be launched in the coming years. Concepts related to the project will be will be developed by September 15 and discussed on October 6-7. The final discussion will be held in Berlin city. The adopted project will be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany for finanlizing.

The Forum was also proposed to open an Ecological Center in one of the South Caucasus republics.