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ANAS hosted an event dedicated to the protection of biodiversity for students

Youth and Enlightenment Public Union hosted an event dedicated to the protection of biological diversity and promotion of biological diversity for students of Biological Faculty of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University at Central Botanical Garden and Zoology Institute of ANAS.

The event was held within the framework of the project "Introduction to public awareness on biological diversity, which is the basis of ecological, biological and food safety", which won 2017 grant competition by Council of State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Vahid Farzaliyev, director of Central Botanical Garden (CBG), Ph.D. in biology Associate professor, briefed the participants on the history of the organization, its scientific activities. Employees of the garden conduct extensive scientific and research work to enrich the plant's raw material base and greenery varieties. 2500 species of trees, shrubs and herbs have been preserved at the CBG from the flora of Azerbaijan and from different botanical-geographical regions of the world, scientist underlined.

Within the framework of the event, experts from the Public Union and scientists and specialists from the CBG presented reports on "Biodiversity Values", "Dendrochronology Science and Study of Natural Disasters' Effects on Plants," "Geographical Information Systems and Its Application in Biodiversity Conservation" and other topics.

The students visited the territory of the garden and studied scientific research works and their practical significance.

The event continued at Zoology Institute. Young people got acquainted with Zoological Museum were informed about the importance of animal world and the importance of animal biodiversity in Azerbaijan.

Finally, the participants were distributed print materials, disks and booklets covering workshops.