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Excursions to the Institute of Dendrology are organized on the basis of entertaining and methodical projects

In many countries of the world, expeditions to botanical gardens and dendrology parks for training in biology and ecology are organized on the basis of entertaining and methodical projects.

At the Institute of Dendrology of ANAS, work is widely being carried out to implement such projects. Classes are organized by a research associate of the Institute Parvin Shikhaliyeva on the basis of entertainment education in ecology and biology. Such projects lead to a better development of practical skills for students and an increase in the interest of children and youth in nature.

Experiments show that similar projects used in dendrological parks motivate children and young people in our republic to study subjects about nature, form in them feelings of responsibility for the protection of nature.

The goal of organizing classes in ecology and biology at the Institute of Dendrology is to understand children and young people as a part of nature, to increase their knowledge in the field of preserving the unity of all living beings on Earth. At the same time, the main role in preventing a devastating impact on economic activity belongs to children and young people who follow the rules for the use of natural resources.

Conducting classes in the park on the basis of cultural events, creating a pleasant impression both among participants and a large number of people who took part in the excursion, attracted them to join the project.