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New types of pests are identified, causing the greatest damage to winter wheat in Azerbaijan

As a result of the research conducted by the researcher of the Center of Applied Zoology of ANAS Institute of Zoology Gulnar Gahramanova on "Coleoptera, common in the cereal cenoses in the Ganja-Gazakh region, their species composition, bioecology and trophic communication".

The fauna of pests prevalent in the areas of winter grain crops of the Ganja-Gazakh region, as well as in natural cenoses, in which wild cereals predominate, was studied in detail for the first time. It was found that, 54 species belonging to 10 families, 22 semi-families and 42 species are distributed in cereal cenoses. 10 species are registered for the first time in the fauna of Azerbaijan, and in addition 16 species - in the Ganja-Gazakh region.

As a result of the research, the phenological calendar of the coleopteran pests in the Ganja-Gazakh region has been presented for the first time, their migration in soil, the frequency of occurrence, the flight dynamics, the damage caused by these species of winter wheat, the entomophages and connections with food plants have been determined. These results are of great importance as a theoretical scientific basis not only for the region, but also for the fauna of Azerbaijan.

In the course of studies with the help of ecological indicators, an ecological analysis of coleopteran fauna prevalent in cereals was carried out.