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"Asan İmza" integrated into the system "e-QRANT" Science Development Fund

Mobile e-signature service "Asan İmza" is integrated into the electronic control system of grant projects of Science Development Fundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan -"e-QRANT". For this purpose, between the Foundation and operator services "Asan İmza" - the company "B.EST Solutions" signed an agreement on connecting to an innovative system of mobile e-signature "Asan İmza".

The agreement reflects the issues regarding the use of services "Asan İmza" in the presentation of projects for grant funding research projects through the electronic system "e-QRANT".

In addition, the Foundation and the company "B.EST Solutions" declared the first special event for scientists, providing free vospolzovanie service "Asan İmza". According to terms of the action, using certificates, handed by the Foundation and researchers "B.EST Solutions", they will be free to use the service "Asan İmza" until the end of February this year.

To get "Asan İmza" scientists with their certificate and other required documents should apply to the «ASAN hidmet» №1. At the initial stage of the campaign will cover the scientists of ANAS and the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic, as well as scientists wishing to participate in the competition "Integration of science and education", announced by Science Development Foundation.

Usage of the service "Asan İmza" opens opportunities for innovative scientists and experts for submission to the electronic system of Science Development Foundation documents and various projects.


About the Science Development Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan:

Science Development Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan was established October 21, 2009 by the Decree of President of Republic of Azerbaijan.

Science Development Foundation has identified as its objective support for the development of science in the country through grant competitions, promotion abroad of scientific advances in Azerbaijan, updated or strengthened at the present level of material and technical base, associated with research in research institutions and structures at the same time paying particular attention to training through the organization of various scientific events, providing scientists participate in research activities carried out abroad and in the short-term hens training, support for scientific publications, as well as addressing other similar issues. Consequently, Science Development Foundation, as a structure, which brings an additional and effective stimulus, agility and a new approach to the development of science in the country, creating special conditions for cooperation between scientists and professionals working in the academic and educational systems.


About "B.EST Solutions”:

"B.EST Solutions" specializes for development of platform and services relied on identity and enhanced mobile electronic digital signature technologies in Azerbaijan. Since July 2016, the company is a member of European Association for Digital Identity and Security (EADS). "B.EST Solutions" company continues the integration of "Easy Signature" service to the various public and private organizations. Implemented and managed by the company "Easy signature" mobile signature service, as an important component of the concept of a unified e-government in Azerbaijan, is also used by the private sector in e-services including, many banks, insurance companies, online payment systems actively use the mobile signature service to their electronic portals.