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Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology continues successfully master exams

The master studies of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences in the 2016/2017 academic year was adopted 2 students in "Molecular Biology", while newly established specialty "Biotechnology" - 2 students who gained high scores.

Currently, Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the first and second courses are taught for a total of 8 masters. The institute winter examination session on 2016-2017 academic year continues successfully. Undergraduates of the first course in the specialty "Biotechnology" and "Molecular Biology", passing the exam on 5 specialties, and second-year undergraduates - on 6 specialties, demonstrated their knowledge and skills.

Deputy Academician-Secretary of the Division of Biological and Medical Sciences, corresponding member of ANAS Zeynal Akbarov, Deputy Head of the Department of Magistracy Education and Science Office of ANAS Presidium Administration Ramin Hasanov familiarized with the course of examinations organized by the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in order to verify the level of knowledge of undergraduates. It was noted that the exam is organized at a high level and full transparency is ensured.