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The truth on glucose in the blood tell socks


US scientists proposed to use socks instead glucometer suffering from diabetes. They managed to create flexible sensors that determine the level of glucose, and embed them in the usual socks.

According to researchers from the University of California, an important condition for operation of sensors is sweating feet of the master during walking, because it is sweat acts in this case and the power source for sensors and analyte.

Such sensors can determine the content of glucose and lactic acid ion in human sweat and send information to the host through a wireless smart transmitter.

As commented in the Moscow Medical Academy after Sechenov, scientists have long looking to replace traditional blood glucose meter that requires daily pricking a finger for a blood test. already established optical, ultrasonic, thermal analogues in the world. The Americans had previously invented a biosensor for measuring glucose in several drops of sweat, but not extremely flexible, and therefore could not be incorporated into clothing. The new invention seems to have solved this problem.