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The final report of the Department of Education has been held

The final report of the Department of Education has been held at the Scientific Council of the Institute of Zoology (ANAS) on 16.11.2016. Information on the study of the training of 10 specialists for Sc.D. preparation and 5 doctoral students, 12 Ph.D. students for Ph.D. preparation gave in the report. A doctoral student (Turkan Gurbanova) and Ph.D. student (Nizami Novruzov) have defended in 2016. The subject of Dissertation of 3 Ph.D. students (Gulbaniz Nadirova, Nurana Hajiyeva and Samira Salahova) and doctoral student (Vusala Narimanova) has discussed at the Council and submitted to Dissertation Council. For the first time minimum exams, organized by the Department of Education of the Institute of Zoology were held by the electronic method on June in this year and results were successful. The program and tests for the winter session of 2016 was updated. A commission for developing programs was organized develop programs, preparation of tests assigned to the heads. Each laboratory has prepared 350-450 test according to their specialization and these tests handed over to the Department of Education. 2, 5, 4 and 2 places will be accordingly allocated in order to study Sc.D. training, Ph.D. training, doctoral degree and master degree. For the first time tested method of the recruitment of employees was carried out by the testing method at the Institute of Zoology in this year. It allows the admission of the competent personnel. Sc.D. in Biology Elshad Ahmadov, Deputy Director of Scientific Affairs, Sc.D. in Biology Z.Mammadov and other members of the Scientific Council put forward their views and suggestions on the results of scientific research work. In the end, reports were approved under the decision of the Scientific Council.