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The next meeting of the Scientific Council has been held at the Institute of Zoology (ANAS)

The resident of Padar village of Oghuz region, Fakhraddin Mustafayev’s report on the “Artificial breeding of leeches and their role in medicine” was heard at the Scientific Council of the Institute of Zoology (ANAS) on 8 November 2016. Putting forward opinions of the intellectual, visiting to the Institute was met with interest. After Mr. Fakhraddin’s words, we can come to conclusion, that leeches are the doctors of the organism. Science was able to learn only 20 percent of nearly 100 biologically active substances (in saliva of leeches), which are necessary for the human organism. There is hirudin substance in saliva of this creature. Hirudin prevents blood clotting, enriches with oxygen, melts tromba, eliminates the inflammatory process in the body, strengthens the immune system and prevents the development of infectious pathogens. Hirudin also helps reduce high blood pressure in the blood vessels, recovers process of peptic ulcer and erosive areas and their healing goes quickly. The leech therapy has an analgesic effect. Leech also beautifies, reduces total weight and eliminates some of the problems in the skin.

In the end, employees of the Institute discussed questions on the subject and opinions, suggestions heard.