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The subjects of the Department of Protozoology, such as, “Determination

The subjects of the Department of Protozoology, such as, “Determination of the species composition of Cryptosporidiidae, Coccidia and Apicomplexa, parasitizing in the home and wild animals”, “Biodiversity and ecological features of the free-living protozoans of Azerbaijan” and “The parasitological and biochemical bases of the action mechanism of the local medicinal plants (Aricomplexa, Coccidia, Eimeriidae), contained alcaloids and essential oils”, as well as, a final report on the subjects, conducted by researches were listened and discussed at the Scientific Council of the Institute of Zoology (ANAS) on 01.11.2016. The head of the Laboratory of Protistology, Sc.D. in Biology, corresponding member, Ilham Alakbarov and head of the Laboratory of Biochemical Aspects of host-parasite relationships, Sc.D. in Biology, Elshad Ahmadov gave information on the work, done within 3 years. Then, the executors on the scientific research on the subject, such as, Scientific Researcher Turkan Gurbanova, Scientific Researcher Elyana Tahirova, Ph.D. in Biology Jala Hasanova, Ph.D. in Biology Farida Mammadova delivered a speech. In the end, Head of the Scientific Council, Ph.D. in Physics E.Yusifov, Deputy Director of Scientific Affairs, Sc.D. in Biology Z.Mammadov and other members of the Scientific Council put forward their views and suggestions on the results of scientific research work. In the end, reports were approved under the decision of the Scientific Council.