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Opening ceremony of the Center for Internet Services of AzScienceNet science-computer network

Today, the main building of ANAS hosted for opening ceremony of the Center for Internet Services of AzScienceNet science-computer network.

The ceremony was attended by President of ANAS, Academician Akif Alizadeh, Vice-President of ANAS, Academician Ibrahim Guliyev, Academician-Secretary of the Division of Biological-Medical Sciences, Academician Ahliman Amiraslanov, Academician-Secretary of Division of Earth Sciences, corresponding member of ANAS Fakhraddin Gadirov, Academician- Secretary of the Division of Physical-Mathematical and Technical Sciences, corresponding member of ANAS Nazim Mammadov, Head of Public Relations and Science Popularization Office of ANAS Presidium Admnistration Zulfuqar Farzaliyev, Director of Academy Campus Bayram Babayev and employees of the center.

First, Academician Akif Alizadeh cut the ribbon symbolizing the opening of the Center for Internet Services. Then the guests got acquainted with innovative conditions created in the sectors of "Development of Network Infrastructure and Maintenance", "System Network", "Audio-Video Technology", "Research and innovation".

Academician-Secretary of ANAS, director of the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS, Academician Rasim Alguliyev expressed gratitude to the leadership of ANAS for their support in the establishment of the Centre. He informed the guests about the opportunities offered by science-computer network of AzScienceNet, which is a networking platform e-science in our country.

It was noted that AzScienceNet integrates scientific institutions and organizations of ANAS to the European research and education network, provides their relationship with the relevant international organizations, usage of electronic resources authoritative scientific bases of the world, exchanges a large amount data via the Internet, as well as performs the national operator function over scientific and educational networks.

As a result of the work done in accordance with the questions posed in front of AzScienceNet, currently 97% of employees are connected to the network, use a broadband Internet connection. Speed Internet connection is 410 Mbit / s. So far, 6,500 of computer equipment belonging to scientific institutions and organizations of ANAS, was connected to the network AzScienceNet. Meanwhile, technical capabilities of AzScienceNet network were expanded. Currently, it computing power is about 15 teraflops, and the amount of external memory - 400 terabytes.

R.Alguliyev reminded that the Concept of "Azerbaijan 2020: vision to the future", "National Strategy on Science Development in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2009-2015" and "National Strategy for Information Society Development in Azerbaijan Republic for 2014-2020" have been created due to deliver such important tasks as strengthening the information support of science, the application of ICT in the field of scientific activity and the formation of e-science. He brought to the attention that expansion opportunities of AzScienceNet are also outlined in the action plan of strategies above.

Center for Internet Services, equipped via modern telecommunication software, at the Academy Campus, covering 26 scientific enterprises and organizations, provides broadband Internet for 4000 employees.

Academician said that establishing close ties of cooperation with the competent international organizations of the world, of AzScienceNet creates opportunities for employees of institutions and organizations of ANAS presented by the world's scientific and educational networks: scientists share in their studies a large amount of data and carry out large-scale projects.

Becoming a member of GEANT Association, operating since 2014, AzScienceNet established cooperation with more than 40 countries. The main objective of the association is to organize the issues concerning the creation of high-quality ICT infrastructure for the international science and education, the formation of a single global space-based national electronic scientific-educational environment, improvement of national and international infrastructure used for research purposes.

It was noted that, AzScienceNet network opens up opportunities for researchers working in ANAS. It is possible to check the adequacy of methods and algorithms developed by scientists and specialists, conducting experiments and extensive research.

He also emphasized that, through the monitoring of information security systems functioning in AzScienceNet network, monitor network activities, including monitoring and safety of the use of Internet resources by employees of ANAS.