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Sparrows have disappeared in Baku - Is it a sign of Danger?

"Sparrows have disappeared in the city of Baku for more than a year," stated Tahir Karimov, Doctor of Biological sciences, to Bizim.Media. 

He said that I informed ANAS and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources about this in writing:

"Sparrows mostly live in human settlements and natural biotopes. Until recently, sparrows were the main bird fauna of Baku. But the construction works carried out in the capital in recent years have seriously affected the way of life of sparrows.

Firstly, bushes have decreased in Baku. Preference was given to planting new types of trees. Sparrows also live mainly in bushes. As the bushes disappeared, so did the sparrows. Secondly, the proliferation of artificial lawns has also affected the way of life of sparrows. As we know, sparrows feed mostly on grass seeds. The forage base of sparrows has decreased as the artificial grass cover is also frequently mowed...