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Azerbaijani science faced with heavy bereavement

One of the prominent figures of Azerbaijan Zoology science, head of the Terresterial Invertebrates Laboratory, Dr. Biology Guliyev Giyas Naghy oglu has passed away in the 75th spring of his life.
Giyas Naghy oglu Guliyev was born in 1947 in Ashağı Garamanlı district of Neftchala district. He graduated from the Biology faculty of Azerbaijan Dövlət University (present BSU) on behalf of S.M.Kirov in the year of 1964. He was a post graduate in the Morphology and Cytogenetics laboratory of the AS Institute of Zoology in 1970, but he served as an officer in Khankendi, when he was called to the army, and after being discharged from the army, he was sued in 1972. In 1979 he defended his PhD thesis on the topic of "Cytogenetics of rodents belonging to the Microtinae subfamily widespread in Azerbaijan". In 2014, he defended his doctoral thesis on the topic "Evolutionary aspects of the cariology of rodents in Azerbaijan." He was a member of FD1.09 Dissertation Council and Scientific Council under the Institute of Zoology of ANAS.
In the first years of his scientific activity, in 1969, he was sent to VODQEO, a branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences, as a young specialist at the Azerbaijan State University. He worked as a junior researcher at VODQEO, was a graduate student of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS, in 1972 he was sent back to the Institute of Zoology of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences as a young specialist and senior laboratory assistant, in 1976 as a junior researcher, and in 1981 worked as a senior researcher. From 1993 he held the position of chief of the Laboratory of Theriology at the Institute of Zoology, while until the end of his life he has bbeen the head of the Laboratory of Terresterial Invertebrates. G.Guliyev had participated in scientific congresses, congresses, conferences and symposiums held locally and abroad, delivered scientific reports.
The prominent scientist is the author of more than 130 articles, including a number of generalized articles. He successfully supervised 2 PhDs. G.Guliyev had participated in the compilation of ten species included in the Red Book of Azerbaijan. In addition, he studied the chromosome aggregation of 27 species of rodents (Rodentia) in Azerbaijan, inspected the distribution and systematics of rodent species, and recorded new species in the species Mus, Sylvaemus and Microtus.
He was awarded with 2 Honorary Decrees of ANAS.
The memory of the well-known scientist, talented organizer of science Guliyev Giyas Nagy oglu will always live in the hearts of those who knew him.

Allah rehmet elesin!