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Institute of Zoology held the next meeting of the Scientific Council

On April 5, 2022, the next meeting of the Scientific Seminar of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS was held.

Researcher of the Parasitology Laboratory, E.K. Aslanova delivered a lecture on "Species diversity of some rodent helminths in the Lankaran region, their epizootiological and epidemiological significance." For the first time, the researcher studied the distribution of rodent helminths in landscape-ecological zones and defined the different distribution of helminths in ecleptic landscapes depending on the bioecological characteristics of the areas. Thus, the highest infection rate was 38 species in dry-steppe semi-desert and temperate-humid subtropical landscapes, and the lowest infection was recorded in mountain-steppe landscape (26 species). The lecturer informed the seminar participants that the helminth species discovered for the first time were characterized epizootologically and epidemiologically, and that 10 species posed a potential threat to humans and domestic animals. Based on the results of the research, preventive measures have been developed against the main helminthic pathogens.