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Institute of Zoology of ANAS held an event devoted to March 1 "World Civil Defense Day"

On March 1, 2022, an event was held at the Institute of Zoology of ANAS in connection with the "World Civil Defense Day". Opening the event, Chief of the Civil Defense Headquarters of the Institute Anar Aliyev firstly congratulated the participants on the occasion of March 1, World Civil Defense Day. He said that the issues on the agenda of the event are the civil protection and management of the IDP population during natural disasters and crises, as well as the role of volunteers and the fight against pandemics.
Aliyev noted that today, announced by the decision of the International Civil Defense Organization, is celebrated every year as a mass humanitarian event. Azerbaijan joined the International Civil Defense Organization in 1993. Every year, the International Civil Defense Day is dedicated to a specific problem. Organizing the protection of the population, ensuring the readiness of the population in the realm of protection from emergencies is the number one task before the civil defense authorities.
Finally, a video dedicated to "World Civil Defense Day" was displayed.