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The dissertation was defended at the Institute of Zoology

On April 23, the FD 1.09-Dissertation Council of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS held the dissertation submitted by the researcher of the institute Elyana Nail gizi Tahirova for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Biology. The scientific supervisor of the research work "Fauna and ecology of pelvic amoebae of freshwater basins of Lankaran natural region" is Doctor of Biological Sciences Natalya Snegova, the official opponents are Doctors of Biological Sciences - Giyas Guliyev, Namig Mustafayev, and Ph.D. in Biological Sciences Elnara Jafarova.
Opening the event, Deputy Director for Science of the Institute of Zoology, Chairman of the Dissertation Council, Doctor of Biological Sciences Elshad Ahmadov noted that the dissertator repeatedly delivered lectures in the conferences in local and foreign countries, and her research results were published in many foreign journals. She is the author of 17 scientific works, including 10 articles and 7 theses, in the journals included in the index databases.
Afterward, Elyana Tahirova provided detailed information about the dissertation on "Zoology" specialty and made a speech on the species and quantity composition of pelvic amoebae, regularities of their distribution in water basins, adaptation to some environmental factors (salinity, temperature, gas regime, pH, etc.), their role in water reservoirs in the biocenosis, possibility, and prospects of using pelvic amoebae as a test object for determining the level of organic pollution of freshwater and further biomonitoring. 8 species and subspecies of pelvic amoebae were recorded for the first time, of which 2 species were new to science for the first time, 4 species to the Caucasus, and 2 subspecies to the Azerbaijani fauna.
The research work was highly evaluated by the members of the Dissertation Council and it was stated that the candidate deserved the degree of Ph.D. in Biology.