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A seminar on "Pest complex of subtropical plants of Lankaran-Astara region" was held

The next meeting of the scientific seminar of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS was held on April 21. Nazakat Abasova, a dissertator of the institute, delivered a lecture on the "Pest complex of subtropical plants of Lankaran-Astara region" at the meeting organized in an online format on the "Zoom" platform.

Opening the event, Aladdin Eyvazov, Acting Director of the Institute of Zoology, Ph.D. in Agrarian Sciences, greeted the seminar participants and gave the floor to the lecturer.
The lecturer first provided information about the methods used in the research and working process in her field, and then submitted a slide on abiotic, biotic, and anthropogenic factors that affect the formation of phytophagous complexes.
Speaking about the phytophagous complex in subtropical plant agrocenoses, N.Abasova said that pests belonging to 3 classes, 4 groups, 10 families and 16 genera were found in subtropical plants during the researches carried out in Lankaran-Astara region in 2017-2019. She also informed about pest species on laurel, kiwi, tea, feijoa, Japanese mashed potatoes, pomegranate, dates, etc. subtropical plants, conducted a comparative analysis of complex pests of citrus and other subtropical plants, types of pests, their adaptation to the host plant, their distribution by plant organs, percentage, as well as seasonal activities.
Finally, a wide exchange of views on the topic was held and the questions of the seminar participants were responded to by the lecturer.