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The Institute of Zoology announces a competition to fill vacancies

The Institute of Zoology of ANAS announces a competition to fill vacancies.

Vacancies are one for each position of the head of the Dry Invertebrate Laboratory, a leading researcher of that laboratory, a leading researcher of the Hydrobiology Laboratory, and a leading researcher of the Center for Applied Zoology. The competition is open to persons with the above-mentioned specialties, doctors of sciences, and philosophy with a degree in biology. Documents must be submitted within 1 month from the date of publication of the announcement in accordance with the requirements of the competition.

Address: AZ 1004, Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku city, Str. A.Abbaszadeh, 1128th side street, 504th block

Phone : (+994 12) 539 73 71 E-mail:

Application form

Documents required for the competition