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Institute of Zoology hosted an event on the occasion of the 8th of March- Women's Day

On March 6, 2020, the Institute of Zoology of ANAS held an event dedicated to the International Women's Day March 8. The event was opened by the Acting Director of the Institute, Doctor in Biology Elshad Ahmedov. He talked about the fact that the Azerbaijani woman has become a leading force in society, their active participation in the socio-political life and the unprecedented achievements in the cultural, educational and scientific life of the country and He congratulated the women collective of the Institute and wished them good health, long life, happiness, and prosperous life. At the end of the event, the Chairman of the Trade Union of the Institute, Ph.D. in biology Vusala Narimanova congratulated all-female colleagues on the holiday and presented them with holiday gifts on behalf of the organization.