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"Istak" lyceum pupils have passed practical lessons at the Institute of Zoology

“Istak” lyceum pupils, preparing for the International Biology Olympiad have passed practical lessons under the guidance of their teacher Elkhan Tahirov at the Institute of Zoology on 13-18 June. Lessons have been started at the Laboratory of Arachnology, scientific workers of the laboratory Tamara Nuriyeva and Narmin Beydizadeh havegiven detailed information about morphology, anatomy and biology of the class Arachnida.  Then, pupils have observed types under the microscope. Scientific worker of the “Laboratory of the introduction of beneficial insects and the scientific basis of biological control” Sheyda Maharramova has shown visual materials to students, she has given information about groups of the prevalent class of Insects.

Then, pupils have been acquainted with specifics of parasites by the chief of the laboratory for parasites of aquatic animals Asif Manafov. Scientific worker of the laboratory Asmar Gojayev has broken through anodonta in order to show both helminths of anodonta (cercariae), and the internal structure of anodonta under the microscope. Scientific workers of the laboratory of “Hydrobiology” Konul Tapdigova and Konul Tagiyeva have shown visual materials on various groups of Crabs class, they have held practical lessons.

Director of the Institute Elman Yusifov has met pupils and wished them success in their future education and in the Olympiad.