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Staff of the Terrestrial Vertebrate Laboratory of the Institute of Zoology has been on the expedition

Staff of the Terrestrial Vertebrate Laboratory namely Doctor of Biology Tavakkul Isgandarov, PhD in Biology Gulbaniz Gasimova, Junior Researcher Gunay Mustafayeva and Head of the Zoological Museum, PhD in biology Sabina Bunyatova were on an expedition at the highlands of the Gadabay region (1400-2400 m a.a.s.l.) for July 17-30, 2019. Wildlife research materials and interesting materials related to the widely used and economically beneficial species of marsh frog (Pelophylax ridibundus) were collected for the eco-faunistic study of batraxofauna and herpetofauna. Materials have been collected for molecular-genetic research from different areas of the region to investigate the molecular-genetic and environmental characteristics of this species, to investigate the interrelationship of cryptic forms and their role in the formation of populations of food.