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An employee of the Institute of Zoology took part in the "Double Wing: VI Conference of Physics and Lyrics"

Sevinj Rajabova, a scientific worker of the Terrestrial Vertebrate Laboratoryof the Institute of Zoology of ANAS, took part in a conference "Double Wing: VI Conference of Physics and Lyrics" organized jointly by the Free Trade Union of ANAS and the Institute of Literature named after N. Ganjavi on July 13, 2019. The presentation of the book "Double Wing III (Literary Almanac)", co-authored by Sevinj Rajabova, was happened at the conference. The works by our colleague have been published in the book, such as “ Vətən qəlbi yaralıdır!.. ” ("The heart of the motherland is wounded!"), “Zoologiya İnstitutu” ("Institute of Zoology") and “O, bir mələk!” ("She is an angel!").