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Minimum e-exams are being held on specialty of post-graduates in the Institute of Zoology, ANAS

Post-graduates' minimum e-exams are holding on specialties of "Zoology", "Entomology", "Parasitology" in the Institute of Zoology, ANAS, since June 6, 2016. Firstly, necessary information on general rules have been given to post-graduates (doctoral students) in order to prepare for exams in the institute.

It should be noted, that for the first time in this year minimum exams on the subject specialty for post-graduates (doctoral students) on the initative of ANAS governance are being held by the method of electronic test. In this session, 11 people in total have been given exam. The exams have been continued till June 7.

Approved commission members have attended in the exam on 18 May 2016. Chief of the Department of Education, ANAS as an inspector examination, Ph.D in Chemistry Omar Gulalov has also contolled the exam.