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Comparative studies of fauna diversity in Azerbaijan and Middle Urals will be started

Director of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS, PhD in physics Elman Yusifov visited the Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology of the Russian Academy of Sciences at the invitation of Director of the Institute, M.Golovati on March 10-17, 2019. The main goal of the meeting was to compare the biological diversity of the Azerbaijani territories with the Ural circle, including the hydrophobic coast of the Caspian Basin Rivers and to develop a joint cooperation agreement.

The research work in the following directions has been offered to the laboratory of "Ecology of hunting animals" of the Institute of Plant Ecology and Animals of RF.

1. Analysis of the fauna composition of mammals in different forest covers in the Caucasus and Ural Mountains and search for factors affecting the diversity of fauna

2. The intraspecific structure of mammals in the Caucasus and Ural mountain ecosystems

3. Comparative characteristics of morphological features of Vulpes Vulpes fox species in different natural zones of Ural and Azerbaijan. Influence of climate change on fox morphology. Investigation of the frontier chronographical volatility (in case of accumulation of material for a long time)

4. Morphological and genetic features of the American raccoon of the North American (Procyon lotor) and the invasive populations of the Euphrates in the Far East

5. The distribution and geographical transformation of Martes martes, Martes foina, Mustela erminea, Lynx lynx and the Caucasian subspecies

6. The role of the Caucasus and Transcaucasia in shaping the modern genetic diversity of Eurasia's Ungulates (wild boar, the Siberian roe deer)