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Scientists of the Institute of Botany met with schoolchildren on the eve of Science Day

March 27 will be celebrated as the Science Day for the first time in our country. The Scientific Research Coordination Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan has adopted an action plan to hold the Science Day at a high level. According to the action plan, a number of events are held in scientific institutions and organizations of ANAS in connection with a remarkable day. Conferences, seminars and lectures, roundtable discussions, "open door" days, exhibitions, as well as student and pupils' meetings with academics are organized.

In this connection, senior researcher of the Plant Resources Department of the Institute of Botany of ANAS, Dr. in biology Latafet Mustafayeva, Professor of ANAS, Dilzara Agayeva made reports at schools #162 (Baku) and #2 (Guba).

Botanical scientists' lectures were met with interest by the students.