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Packaging of "Biologically active substances of fungal origin" was carried out by ANAS High Technologies Park

In January 2019, between the Director of High Technologies Park, Dr. Ph.D in History Nazim Shukurov and Deputy Director of ANAS Institute of Microbiology, corresponding member of ANAS Panah Muradov discussed the issue of commercialization of the research work on "Biologically active substances of fungal origin."

As a result, the work that lasted two months, on the packaging of these substances in specialized three-kilogram packages was launched at the ANAS High Technologies Park. These works were completed on March 12 and the packaging procedure was carried out in the laboratory of the institute.

The works were carried out by the participation of P.Muradov and employees of the High Technologies Park - Fikrat Gaibov, Seymour Sadigov and Elshan Aliyev. These works were carried out in order to test the product at the Veterinary Research Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan.