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Land plots were distributed among the employees of the Institute of Zoology

A meeting on the distribution of land plots among the staff of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS was held on March 4. As per the decision No 14/3 dated 03 October, 2018 of the Presidium of ANAS, 10 sl land plots were delivered to the employees for the temporary use intending to be engaged in gardening-horticulture in the area of the Yarımja village of Khizi region, that are in use of “Xizi” Agricultural Production Complex of ANAS.

A commission of 5 men was created to distribute land plots. Chairman of the Commission was the head of the Parasitology Laboratory of the Institute of Zoology, Gara Fataliyev, and the members were Deputy Director on General Affairs Kamala Rasimli, Head of Hydrobiology Laboratory Adil Aliyev, Senior Researcher of Parasitology Laboratory, Chairwoman of Women's Council Yegana Mahmudova, chairman of Trade Union Organization Vusala Narimanova.

So, according to the decision of the members of the commission, 5 employees employing at the Institute for five years and more who have high scientific activity and active participation in the scientific and social life of the institute were granted land plots, and the rest 3 land plots were distributed on the base of lottery among the applied employees.