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Complex soil surveys are carried out through mobile laboratories

The joint studies of the Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry (ISSA) of ANAS and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan have begun to carry out complex soil surveys in the regions of the Republic through a mobile (mobile) laboratory.

After the researches to be conducted with the participation of experts from the Ministry of Agriculture, it is planned to hold meetings with local entrepreneurs and farmers and to give them consultations in order to use them more efficiently.

The created Working Group started its work on October 30 from the Goychay region. The Working Group includes - head of Soil Melioration Laboratory at ISSA in, Doctor in agrarian sciences Mustafa Mustafayev, Head of Laboratory of Land-agrochemical studies and mass analysis, Ph.D. in agrarian sciences Mirvari Mammadova and scientific researcher, Farid Mustafayev, chairman of the Institute of Young Scientists and Specialists of the Institute.