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Director of the Institute of Zoology was on a business trip in Russia

Director of ANAS Institute of Zoology, PhD in Physics, Associate Professor Elman Yusifov has been visited Tyumen State University (TSU).

The purpose of the visit was to discuss the prospects for cooperation of the Institute of Zoology with the Tyumen State University. At a meeting with the Rector of TSU, Valery Falkov, the parties detailed the format of further cooperation. In particular, they discussed the creation of an academic magistracy for biologists at the Institute of Zoology of ANAS.

Elman Yusifov also visited the Institute of Biology at TSU, where he met with scientists and noted the high level of equipment of biological laboratories.

During the visit it was emphasized the necessity of organization of "mirror" laboratories for more effective cooperation.

According to E.Yusifov, international laboratories can play a key role in conducting joint research on fauna, population and ecological systems. “At the moment it’s interesting to study the Caspian seal as a related species, for example, to the ringed seal that lives in your Arctic basin” said E.Yusifov. -“In isolation, the Caspian seal population model is important for predicting the status of other species. This is of great importance in theoretical biology and phylogeny. The equipment you have can help carry out a karyological analysis to compare these two types of seals, and microhistological studies will show the state of the animals' bodies in modern conditions”.