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Director of the Institute of Physiology delivered a report at the International Congress

The II International Congress "Mental Health of the People in the 21st Century" was held in Moscow, Russia.

The Congress is sponsored by the World Health Organization, the World Association of Psychiatric Association, the International Social Security Association, the World Association of Psychotherapy, the International Autism European Association, the European Bureau of the European Association for Herontology and Heriatrics, the World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation and the Russian Health, Education and Science, , With the support of sports ministries.

Mor than 1,000 leading experts from more than 50 countries attended the event to discuss the role of education and enlightenment in the protection of mental health.

Academician of ANAS, representing our country at the forum, Director of the Institute of Physiology named after A.Garayev, Doctor of Biological Sciences Ulduz Hashimova made a report on "The role of nutrition in the maintenance of cognitive functions and brain aging". The scientist presented the results of the complex medical and biological research conducted in the districts with a high longevity index in the report, including the evaluation of health status, including cognitive status of long livers.

The report was welcomed by the event participants and the questions were answered.