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Discussions on the restoration of oil-polluted lands on the Absheron Peninsula held

A delegation led by the head of the Ecology Department of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), Azer Aliyev visited the Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry of ANAS (IPA).

At the meeting with the Director of the Institute, corresponding member of ANAS Alovsat Guliyev were discussed the issues of restoration of oil-polluted soils on the Absheron Peninsula for use both in industry and in agriculture, as well as in restoring their fertility.

Speaking at the meeting, recommendations were made on this issue by the Head of the Laboratory of the Institute of Microbiology, Professor Nariman Ismailov, Leading Researcher of the Institute of Geography, Ph.D. in Agrarian Sciences, Associate Professor Gasham Yagubov, head of the Soil Remediation Laboratory, PhD in Agrarian Science Farhad Sadigov and head of the Department SOCAR’s technical production Rustam Rustamzadeh and chief engineer of the Ecology Department Yagub Agasiyev.

It was decided to sign a contract between the two institutions.