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Chinese scientists have created artificial electronic skin

E-skin can be transferred to the human body or attached to the masks to measure body signals.

Chinese scientists from Tsinghua University have created graphene-based artificial color electronic skin that can function as a wearable electronic device for monitoring the state of health. As reported by Xinhua, the electronic skin is called e-skin.

Graphene mimics human skin and can feel pressure, temperature and tension. This ultra slim substance, characterized by excellent flexibility and conductivity is an ideal material for electronic skin.

E-skin can be transferred to the human body or attached to the mask for measuring the signals of the body, including breathing, heartbeat and voice, as well as other objects, such as leaves and silk.

Scientists have used the technology of laser scribing, i.e., the application of linear incisions of predetermined depth to the surface. Using this electronic skin can be made according to individual parameters.

The inventors believe that graphene skin have a huge potential for application in health and artificial intelligence.

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