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The next scientific seminar of the Institute was held

A report by Shafa Khasayeva, a scientific worker of the Inorganic Invertebrate Laboratory, was delivered on "The fauna and ecology of the spiders (Arachnida, Araneae) of Ganja-Gazakh region" at the scientific seminar of the Institute of Zoology. The researcher provided extensive information on the fauna and ecology of spiders in Ganja-Gazakh region, as well as the practical importance of some species. As a result of her research, it became clear that the spider's fauna of the region consisted of 314 species of 141 genus in 30 families. For five species of Caucasian fauna, for the first time, for the first species of genus (Olios Walckenaer, 1837) and 6 species of fauna of Azerbaijan, 7 chapters, 51 breeds and 223 species are mentioned for the spider fauna of the Ganja-Gazakh region. Also, Khasayeva provided a description of a new type of science (Dysdera ali sp.n.). In addition, the researcher proposed new synonyms of two species of fauna (Anagraphis pallens Simon, 1893 and Trachyzelotes jaxartensis (Kroneberg, 1875)). This proposal has been accepted by the world arachologists. At the present time, the catalogs of "European Spiders" and "World Spiders" have been adjusted according to these synonyms