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The first meeting of Presidium of ANAS was held in new composition

The first meeting of Presidium of ANAS was held on June 29.

Academician Akif Alizadeh, president of ANAS, presented awards to the winners of the competition, dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the national leader Heydar Aliyev. According to the results of the contest, 14 young scientists were awarded.

Then the winners of the "Master-2018" competition were awarded.

The first scientific-organizational issue discussed at the meeting was about the tasks facing ANAS in 2018-2023. Academician Akif Alizade said that further development of scientific and technical potential of ANAS, strengthening of relations between science, education and economy is one of the main tasks. He noted that the ANAS should put forward the expansion of international scientific relations, the development of nanotechnologies, cyber-physical systems, artificial intelligence, as well as the development of research programs in other fields of science and the implementation of important measures for the development of science.

The head of ANAS also spoke about the "Doctrine of Development of Science of Azerbaijan" project. The project aims at improving the management, organization and financing of science, preparation of highly qualified staff, directing the priorities of scientific research to the socio-economic, cultural and social problems of the country, integration of science and education, strengthening the normative-legal base and information provision, improving the social security of scientific workers.

The next issue on the agenda was related to the division of duties among members of the Presidium of ANAS. The distribution of tasks among the new members of ANAS Presidium and members of ANAS, elected at the General Meeting of the Academy on June 8, has been approved.

Then the issue of coordinating council of ANAS professors was discussed. It was noted that the purpose of the council is to ensure the fulfillment of the tasks set for the professors of ANAS, as well as to ensure the closer participation of ANAS professors in the scientific and scientific-organizational life of the Academy. According to the decision of the meeting, the board was established.

The next question was about the effectiveness of the activity of the Presidium of ANAS. Speaking on the issue, the head of ANAS said that it is necessary to implement a number of measures to improve the activity at the level of modern requirements. He emphasized the importance of the issues submitted to the academic discussion in accordance with the directions of the Presidium of the ANAS, the scientific challenges of the modern world, the policy carried out by our country in the field of scientific activity and the principles of reforms implemented in academy.

Later, a number of assignments were given to ensure the implementation of the tasks arising from the Decree of President Ilham Aliyev dated 14 November 2017 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Baku State University.

A partial change has been made in the composition of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS. In addition, the new composition of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography was approved.

At the end a number of personnel issues were considered.