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ANAS High Technologies Park held the meeting of TAIEX experts of the European Commission

ANAS High Technologies Park (HTP) held a meeting with the experts of the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange (TAIEX) of the European Commission.

The goal is to strengthen the management of scientific and innovation policy in the system of higher education in Azerbaijan.

Director of the ANAS High Technologies Park (HTP), PhD in Agrarian Sciences Vugar Babayev, Deputy Director of the Institute, PhD in Agrarian in Agrarian Sciences Elkhan Bayramov, representative of the Ministry of Education Nazrin Bagirova, head of the Department of University of National Political Studies and State Administration of Romania Mihai Paunescu, the teacher of the Chair of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics of the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences Gintaras Arbutavikius.

V.Babayev stressed that, cooperation with TAIEX will give impulse to the development of high technologies in our country based on modern scientific and technical achievements.

Then, Mihai Paunescu told about the management of research and innovation, the current state of this sphere in Romania, the evaluation of research and teaching and its methods.

Then, Gintaras Arbutavikius spoke about the Lithuanian experience, studies of training needs for companies and the problems of research in business organizations.

In conclusion, guests acquainted with the territory of the HTP, informed on the conditions and activities of the residents.