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Summer comes to Azerbaijan on June 21 at 14.07

According to Deputy Director of ANAS Shamakhi Astrophysics Observatory after N.Tusi, PhD in Physics Khidir Mikayilov, this summer comes to Azerbaijan on June 21, at 14.07 Baku time. It is considered the moment of a summer solstice.

The scientist noted that, on June 21 in the northern hemisphere there will be the longest day (14 hours 43 minutes) and the shortest night. In the southern hemisphere on the contrary, there will be the shortest day and the longest night. From June 22, the days will be shorter, the nights are longer. This process will continue till September 21.

It should be noted that, autumn this year in Azerbaijan will come on September 23 at 05.54 Baku time (autumn equinox), and winter on December 22 at 02.22 (the time of the winter solstice).