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Heads of educational departments on admission to ANAS magistracy held a meeting

Office of Science and Education of the Presidium of ANAS held a meeting with the heads of the educational departments of scientific institutions and organizations of the Academy.

The meeting, which was attended by Deputy Head of Department, PhD in Technology, Associate Professor Huseyn Huseynov and head of Magistracy Department, PhD in agricultural sciences Fikrat Feyziyev was the organization of the interview bachelors in connection with the admission to the magistracy.

Opening the meeting, H.Huseynov brought to the attention that this year the admission to the master's program of ANAS will be held for the fourth time, and on June 12-14 the bachelors will be interviewed with the commission for interviews, created in accordance with the decree of the president of ANAS, Academician Akif Alizade. He noted that in 2018/2019 academic year for admission to the ANAS master's program 92 places in 50 specializations were allocated, including 10 for the Russian sector.

The scientist said that, for the first time this year the admission to the magistracy will take place at the Institute of Folklore, the Institute of Architecture and Art, the Institute of Microbiology of ANAS, as well as in the National Museum of Azerbaijan History and the Republican Center of Seismological Survey.

He noted that, to organize the activities of the commission for interviewing, memos were compiled. H.Huseynov said that, main tasks of the commissions are organization of objective interviews and proper orientation of bachelors.

The deputy head stressed the importance of timely placement of interview results in the electronic database of the State Examination Center for the selection of master's specializations of ANAS. He instructed the heads of the education departments to present the results of the interview to the Department of Magistracy at the end of each working day.

H.Huseynov also noted that, the bachelors who entered to ANAS magistracy will work in Academy and participate in research and scholarship programs.

Then, head of the Department of Magistracy, PhD in Agrarian Sciences Fikrat Feiziev spoke about the summer exams of current undergraduates of ANAS and diploma defenses of second-year students.