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Vice President of ANAS, Academician Nargiz Pashayeva awarded "Stars of Commonwealth"

The Council for awarding "Stars Commonwealth" award for outstanding achievements in art, science and education named the laureates of 2017.

Vice President of ANAS , Academician Nargiz Pashayeva was awarded "Stars Commonwealth" award in the sphere of science.

People's Artist of the USSR, violist and conductor Yuri Bashmet, violinist Ayman Musahadzhayeva(Kazakhstan), poet Nizom Kosim (Tajikistan) and others were awarded with the prize in the sphere of art.

The athlete Daria Domracheva (Belarus) was also named among the laureates.

The awarding ceremony will be held at the 13th Forum of Creative and Scientific Intelligentsia of the CIS member states, which will be held in Astana on June 19-20.