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Monograph on "Microbiological regime and modern ecological, sanitary hydrobiological condition of main reservoirs of Azerbaijan"

The monograph "Microbiological regime of the main reservoirs and modern ecological, sanitary hydrobiological condition of Azerbaijan", co-authored by the director of the Institute of Microbiology of ANAS, academician Mammad Salmanov and the Head of the Department of Medical Biology and Genetics of the Azerbaijan Medical University, PhD in Biology Aynur Ansarova.

The scientific editor of the book is correspondent member of ANAS Panah Muradov, and the reviewers are correspondent member of ANAS Rafig Gasimov and doctor in biology, professor Nariman Ismayilov.

For the first time, the results of the microbiological, sanitary-and-hydrobiological and environmental studies carried out in 10 reservoirs of Azerbaijan are presented. The warehouses that contain 90% of Azerbaijan's total water resources are of crucial importance for the country's water demand. At the same time, the largest reservoirs were established in the Kura and Araz rivers, which are polluted in Armenia and Georgia. Based on the results of the surveys conducted in these water reservoirs, their overall ecological status, slip quality, trophic type, sanitary hygienic quality, and biological productivity are assessed comparatively.

The monograph is intended for ecologists, sanitary-epidemiologists, hydrogiants, hydrobiologists, students of higher education institutions, masters, doctoral students, as well as for general public.