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From paper created the most durable material

The humanity has been using paper for several thousand years, and during this time it has found great application in all spheres of our life. But scientists always try to look at known objects from a new angle. As the publication EurekAlert !, a group of researchers using conventional cellulose, was able to create a material that is stronger in properties than many metal alloys.

For their development, the Royal Institute of Technology staff in Sweden and their colleagues from the American Chemical Society investigated the nanostructure of the cellulose fibers, namely the structure of the hard layer of the cell wall of the wood. In the course of work on the creation of the material, scientists faced a rather serious problem: in order to repeat the nanostructure, they needed to strengthen the weak adhesion of synthetic cellulose materials. To overcome these limitations, scientists used inkjet technology for the ideal organization of macro-scale fibers. That is, roughly speaking, the particles were “slightly enlarged”.

Thus, the adhesion between the components has increased significantly. Moreover, even the weakest manufactured “magnified nanofiber” had a stronger connection than “conventional” cellulosic nanofibers. In the course of further study, experts found that the resulting material is stronger than many metal alloys and fiberglass, and also eight times harder than spidery silk, which is one of the most durable biopolymers.