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Studies conducted by postgraduates and PhD students should meet world science's requirements, Academician Akif Alizadeh

Presidium of ANAS held a meeting devoted to discussing the dissertation issues of 57 researchers in Physics, Mathematics and Engineering, Chemistry, Earth, as well as Biology and Medical Sciences departments.

Speaking at the event, academician Akif Alizadeh noted that one of the main goals of his organization is to support young people's scientific activities, to encourage them and to train them as highly qualified professionals. Each researcher must be careful when choosing the subject and their scientific results must meet the challenges of world science and modern requirements, academician underlined.

Head of ANAS spoke about the importance of doctoral studies in the world's prestigious scientific centers and laboratories for the successful implementation of scientific works.

Academician A.Alizade stressed the importance of taking necessary measures to improve the dissertation issues at the Academy, noting that active participation of academics and experts of ANAS is necessary in this process.

At the end, discussions were held on the dissertation topics.