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Institute of Zoology announces a competition for the following vaccancies!

      1. Head of the laboratory "Dry invertebrates" - 1 vaccancy;
      2. Senior Researcher at "Dry Invertebrates" Laboratory - 1 vaccancy;
      3. Leading researcher at the laboratory "Dry Onurganians" - 1 vaccancy;
      4. Leading researcher at the laboratory "Protozoologiya" - 1 vaccancy


      PhD and Sc.D in biology can take part in the competition.

      Documents are to be submitted to the following address within one month from the day of publication of the announcement in accordance with the relevant requirements of the competition.


      Address: AZ 1073, Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku city, Str. A.Abbaszadeh, 1128th side street, 504th block

      Phone: (+99412) 539-73-71