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Presentation of TRIZ project at ANAS High Tech Park

Presentation of TRIZ project was held at ANAS High Tech Park.

Head of “Kutvan Holding” Ali Bay Kutvan, Head of “NG Creators Club” LLC and Azerbaijan Representative of “TRIZ Developers Summit” Natig Aliyev, HT Park Residents and Heads of Startap Projects of Business Incubation Center attended the event.

Initially, the participants examined the production areas of Oil and Unmanned aerial  vehicl of “ANAS Experience-Industrial Plant” LLC and “Millers-Oils Azerbaijan” LLC. They were closely acquainted with HT Park Centralized Analytical Laboratory and Radio Environmental Monitoring System.

Then there was a presentation of "TRIZ" project. Guests were informed about the activities of HT Park Business Incubation Center and TRIZ project.

Director of ANP HT Park, PhD in Agricultural Sciences Vugar Babayev spoke about the memorandum of cooperation signed with the organization headed by Saint Petersburg's TRIZ Developers Summit. The document envisages the exchange of information on the implementation of joint scientific-technical programs, innovation projects, innovation and industrial infrastructure development between the two institutions. He expressed confidence that cooperation in this direction would continue successfully.

The head of Kutvan Holding Ali Bey Kutvan and NG Creators Club and Natig Aliyev, the head of the TRIZ Developers Summit, representing Azerbaijan, talked about the activities of their organizations and the theory of TRIZ.

In the end, 15-year-old inventor Reyhan Jamalova thanked the management of ANAS HT Park for his support and informed about the project and future plans.