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Seminar on "Innovation and initiative" For ANAS master's students held

By the organizational support of ANAS High Technologies Park of and Magistracy Department of Office of Science and Education of the Presidium for undergraduates receiving education in the academy was held a seminar on "Innovation and initiative".

In his speech at the event, held in the Business Incubation Center of the High Technologies Park, head of the Department of Magistracy Fikret Feiziev noted that, such events will be held in the coming months.

Further, head of the Center for Business Incubation of High Technologies Park Vusal Suleymanli in his speech informed about the structure. He said that, the center is aimed at increasing youth employment and supporting their entrepreneurial ideas. He reported on the involvement of young people with innovative thinking in the center.

V.Suleymanly also informed about the activity of the High Technologies Park of ANAS in the direction of the development of the innovative ecosystem of our country, the projects implemented to develop the entrepreneurial approach among the youth.

Then, he delivered a report on "Innovation and initiative". He stressed the great role of technology parks in winning the success of people with innovative thinking in the sphere of high technologies, in particular youth.

At a seminar on developing the image of entrepreneurial thinking, participants were invited to use the Business Incubation Center of ANAS High Technologies Park.