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Scientists have created an unusual healing bandage

American researchers have developed a material for dressing, which contributes to the rapid healing of wounds. In this case, rather unusual materials were used.

In the context of combat operations, timely wound dressing is of great importance. The likelihood of infection is very high, and there is no time to wait for the doctor - and sometimes there is not even a doctor. To solve this problem, scientists from the Texas Agricultural and Technical University created a material for an injection dressing that can harden after application to the wound and promote healing. The result of the work is described in the journal Acta Biomaterialia.

To create a bandage, researchers took rather simple materials. The gel basis for the bandage was kappa-carrageenan, a substance derived from seaweed. In some areas of Britain it is used as a thickener. As a filler for the creation of dispersion, purified clay was used.

Kappa-carrageenan with clay particles forms a gel that, when injected, fills the wound. Thus, the access of bacteria to the site of injury is blocked, and dispersed particles play the role of protein absorption centers, promoting healing.