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Awakening Wind “Yel charshanba”

On March 13, Azerbaijan will celebrate the third Tuesday - "Yel charshanba". Among the people it is also called "Kulekli charshanba", "Kulek oyadan charshanba", "Yelly charshanba", "Badi charshanba", "Nefes charshanba".

According to early beliefs, the wind in the wilderness walks around the Earth, causing the wave water and the waves to move. On windy days, winds change several times a day, which is perceived as its own regulation.

According to the beliefs, the wind, awakening in the “Yel charshanba”, sets in motion awakened before him water and fire.

In the oral folk art, songs, legends, myths, beliefs and sayings were sung, glorifying God of the Wind. The Yel Baba ceremony, which takes place during the Novruz celebrations, also has its roots in the worship of our ancient ancestors to the God of the Wind. Variable warm and cold winds blowing in “Yel charshanba”, informing on the arrival of spring.

"Torpag charshanba" in our country will be celebrated on March 20.